A Cure for the Common Cold

by Sally Salmon

If I can have a just a few moments of your time, I'd like to tell you a story about how my sister and I discovered a cure for the common cold, wrote it down on a piece of paper, but then lost that piece of paper and totally forgot the cure. We were in Wilmington, Delaware, which is a great place to figure out a cure for the common cold because very little goes on to distract your attention, and my sister said something about popcorn, and I said, "THAT'S IT!" We were so excited! Two humble girls from Vancouver, British Columbia, visiting Delaware, and WE - without help, no less - discover a cure for the common cold! Sigh. I just hope whoever finds our lost piece of paper mistakes it for Orville Redenbacher's secret recipe or something.


Sally Salmon, along with her sister, really did find a cure for the common cold, and really did lose it.