Miserable Day

by Rod Drake

My God, it was a miserable day; a cold, drizzling rain washed everything into a dreary gray mess. Obviously the girl standing under the leaky awning of the abandoned used record store had been forgotten, and now she was soaked, her pretty outfit drenched, her hair plastered to her head like it had been shellacked. Her Alice Cooper eyes looked so hurt, as she wondered, I’m sure, where that worthless boyfriend of hers was, what had happened to make him forget her here. She was so pitiful, fragile, wet and alone, that I pulled over to the curb, rolled down my window, and against my better judgment, asked, “Need a lift somewhere?” She didn’t know me, but something about the situation and her misery caused her to throw caution to the wind (which was both cold and wet), and she said in a shaky voice, “Yeah, take me home, please.” She never made it home; they found her body three months later.


Rod Drake is the Official 6S Author for Friday the 13th and Halloween. Don’t walk under a ladder or let a black cat cross your path today!