by Heather Fain

Lauren picked up the heavy scissors, as she gazed into the mirror at the long blonde braid that represented everything she no longer desired for herself. The act of cutting it was simple enough but what it represented, and the statement it would make when she walked into the dining room to join her parents and brothers for dinner, was much greater. Apprehensively she held the length of it out to the side, but after a moment’s pause and reflection, quickly and decisively snipped it off. The vulnerable inner seeds of independence within her instantly quickened, the world grew light with possibility, and she felt a rebellion within that thrilled her. Transfixed by this new creature reflecting back at her, she ran a hand through her chin length tresses. This was an end, and a new beginning; this was life upside down.


Heather Fain writes on the side of her day job (working in an office) and is currently attempting a chapbook.