by Walter Campbell

Just because I’m Spanish, she thinks I can make authentic sangria, as though I’m born with sugary wine and liquor pumping through my arteries. Cut me, and I bleed delicious. Fine, whatever, here’s some brandy, sliced up oranges and lemons, about ten raspberries, a little sugar, and a bottle of chilled Rioja. Does it taste authentic: a little bit of Madrid, a small amount of Barcelona, and maybe some Valencia for good measure? Well, if it doesn’t, then we have two options: we can either add half a bottle of zinfandel and a lime or we can run a butcher knife along my thumb and let it bleed into the carafe for a few minutes. Your call.


Walter Campbell lives and works in Philadelphia, went to school in New England, and grew up in L.A., but he'll write pretty much anywhere. Recently, his work has been published in Dog Oil Press.