by Martha

We stagger through the southwesterly gale. Sodden, exhausted, I carry you home. Wet, hungry, cold, about to cry. Goose-pimpled shivers in a warm bath. Hot pasty and Mummy's blanket hug. I am warmed by your sigh.


Martha clings to a wet rock, spouting random verbiage before lunging for the shore. Anything she remembers, she writes down. (And by the way, this is a 6-sentence, 6-words-per-sentence story with a 6-letter title, by a writer with 6 letters in her name. Now THAT'S sixy!)


jem said...

Nice to see a piece with short sharp sentences that managed to pack so much in. Well done.

Savannah J. Foley said...

I love the use of 6's!

Editor said...

I am impressed; the flow is very poetic.

I enjoyed that.



Martha said...

Thank you for your kind comments, I really appreciate them. I'm quite new to writing fiction and it really helps.

If you'd like to see more of my writing or catch up with what I'm doing, my website's www.marthawilliams.org and I'm on Twitter as @marthawriting

Happy writing,