by Kristin Praeuner

I had a dream that the end of the world came during my lifetime. Not the apocalypse, not the second coming, the rapture, zombie apocalypse, nuclear warfare, bio-genetic warfare - not that. It was not the end of life, but the end of the world as we think we know it. There were those that were out for blood, those that were out for greed, those that were out to build power, those that were out for lust, those that were there, but not there... those that had blank, unseeing eyes, expressionless gazes. They all wandered the streets, gathered in roving bands... destroyed, killed, raped - the desires of their hearts shone through their eyes with sharp, jagged edges, malice and fear mingled as one as if tangible demons rode their shoulders. I could see, without having to look - and then I blinked, the wasted landscape was gone, but my eyes were open.


Kristin Praeuner is an undergraduate English major with a bent for the bizarre and the fantastic. She occasionally writes things down in her journal and later posts them on her blog.