A Penny Saved

by Laurita Miller

She wipes the tables of coffee circles and spilled sugar, collecting the pennies and nickels left there for her service. Through the window she sees the students walking to and from campus, serious and focused. Sometimes they come in and sit in groups, talking about parties and papers over their café macchiatos. Others sit alone, sipping from large mugs of cider or flavoured lattes, hunched over thick books, and she imagines the wealth contained within those pages. They all leave their coins upon the ring patterned tables, and with their heads filled with theories and formulas and ambitions they rush off for the next class. Only 628,418 more pennies until she can join them.


Laurita Miller likes shiny things and also things that come in sixes. Her work can be found in a few places including Gloom Cupboard, Flashes in the Dark, and the upcoming Harbinger*33.