The Pond

by Erin Yarbery

She picked a pebble from the driveway with every intent to toss it into the pond, even though her parents usually scolded for this. She chose the ugliest, mid-sized pebble she could find because she thought it nice to save the prettier stones. She glanced around to make sure no on was watching and then quickly hurled the tiny rock over the fence toward the pond with all the force and power of a 60-pound, 10-year-old girl hoping to hit the bank on the opposite side. It was a test of power and strength to see just how far she could throw it. Nevertheless, when it dipped into the water only midway across she was quite amused and delighted by the amount of ripples it created. Eventually, when the water calmed again, she skipped away content with the disturbance she must have caused among the fish and frogs.


Erin Yarbery is currently enjoying the possibilities of writing. She can be more closely followed here.