Dinner Date

by Janet Dale

The pizza seemed wrong, even though he knew it was made by the same expert hands. He ordered a pint of beer; it was in the same glass, poured from the same spout – something was still off. Realizing he wasn’t sitting at the right table, as soon as it became available he got up from the middle of the restaurant and moved to the corner. First bringing over his glass, then his plate, then his pie before sitting down again. The server only nodded, realizing there was little to say in the matter. It was only after he was full and stumbling toward the door that he solved his great mystery – she wasn’t sitting across from him tonight.


Janet Dale, who blogs here, is ready to begin her final semester as an undergrad at the University of Memphis. She is set to receive her B.A. in English (Creative Writing) in December. Current stresses include M.F.A. applications and finding time for yoga.