One Step

by Joseph Grant

What separates us from breaking on through to that other side but the thin veil of this fleeting life? We are but one step closer with every sunset to snuffing out that inner candle, shaking off this mortal coil, to seeing if there really is an afterlife or nothing at all and with each war, each 9/11, each stress-filled day where important paperwork must be processed only to end up useless in the end like on that certain September day, reminding us what is truly important is not found on a spreadsheet but in the people it represents. When this monotheistic image of children's theater we call mankind finally eradicates himself from this blue marble by destroying it or himself, what will be the legacy of man? Greatness is within us, it is within our steps to recreate as many Renaissances as we want, personal or otherwise to reinvent Eden through art, literature, poetry and music and why just limit ourselves to one new Eden, but many? It is our choice to live each day to the fullest, keep the wolves from our door when necessary and focus on the positive and the loved ones around us and cherish each day as the gift from God that it truly is, all it takes is that pivotal first step. Or we can literally wind up as some galactic footnote to a future alien race wandering and wondering about the strange-shaped boot print left long ago upon the now-orphaned moon.


Joseph Grant, 6S's most prolific writer, today commemorates the first Moon landing (7/20/69).