Fly Boy

by Col Bury

The phenomenon began after Johnny’s near death experience, and sure there was a tunnel, bright light and euphoric feeling, although before he reached the familiar figures he zoomed back to his body with a jolt and the first person he saw after his so-called ‘accident’ was the nurse who was glowing before him, her multi-coloured aura topped with a pastel pink halo - stunning. He assumed it was a dream, or the drugs, so on his discharge he wasn’t prepared for what was next during the bus ride home as with each turn peoples’ auras and halos swayed mesmerically - stunning. Whenever he slept he’d leave his body and bounce around the neighborhood, higher each night, until he realized he could fly, and on finding with concentration that he could actually touch in this state, he began searching. Six months it took to find the cowardly bastard, but there was no halo on this guy as he staggered into the Mondeo pissed and Johnny sat beside him, the dent - created by Johnny - still visible on the bonnet. At 50mph a quick yank on the steering wheel was all it took to impact the tree, then ignoring the screams Johnny gazed at the swaying, mesmeric flames - stunning. Then off he flew...


Col Bury is currently writing a crime novel, and his ever-growing selection of short stories can be found on A Twist Of Noir and Thrillers, Killers N Chillers, which he co-edits with thriller author, Matt Hilton. Col also blogs and interviews crime authors here.