The Beautiful and the Damned

by Joseph Grant

She was a beauty, really but a girl of too many ghosts. From the haunted look in her eyes when she brought up her unsuccessful marriages, the children from failed restraining orders, disastrous first dates and poor indecisions of one too many lonely nights. She passed on the one man in her life that held truth in his eyes to take up with a bad boy, full of empty promises and had just begun to wonder if her life would be better if lived alone. She was such a smart young woman, one of the most intelligent he had ever known and for her to take up with such a dope was completely illogical, but when was falling in love ever logical? It was a damned tragedy to him as she could have done anything in her young life rather than be the self-proclaimed savior of the lost boys (not men) in her life who needed nothing more than a mommy figure in their lives. Instead, she lowered herself to the bottomfeeders in life; low-self esteem had a way of conciliating that.


Joseph Grant rocks the 6S mike with force and frequency. His full catalog is here.