Albert's Epiphany

by Robert Clay

Albert was a nice bloke, in fact, you could say he was the purest form of socialist. Albert always talked and listened to people, and firmly believed everybody should have their say, and have some input into the well-being of the human species. He did this for many years, until one day this conglomeration of opinions and thoughts in his head suddenly collapsed into a pattern, and Albert had his epiphany. He suddenly realised there was a way to put an end to intolerance, hate, grief, tragedy, betrayal, war and all the other things that the human race is so good at. He was about to announce this to the world when the men in white coats came to fit him neatly into a gag and straitjacket and introduce him to his new home, a very small, very white, very padded cell. Well, you can't have people like Albert interfering with the species determination to follow the road to hell, can you?


Robert Clay, whose full catalog is here, is a Seafarer now stranded on land. He lives in Cornwall in the UK.