Souvenirs of a Man Who Cheats

by Jon Norcutt

Credit card receipts, pre-paid cell phone, two leftover ninety-nine cent condoms; everything a married man could ever ask for from a date with destiny; well, her name was Jennifer. His wife watched him as he undressed in the lamplight; she asked him how his day went. He thought about his chances for survival; a messy divorce or a stress-induced heart attack for lip-locked secrets, he shrugged his shirt off and climbed in bed. “Worked late, the boss is really riding my ass hard.” He wrapped his arms around her, smooth skin pressing against him; he kissed her cheek and smiled. Jennifer could stay buried in his mind, with all the other meaningless women; he whispered I love you to his wife, then closed his eyes.


Jon Norcutt is currently studying English at Longwood University.