Stupid Head

by Sara Crowley

Your child has a stupid head: long and eggish, with too wide an expanse between hair and eyes. That is what I think as I stand in the playground watching you, and your stupid headed boy. My son may claw my arms with nails he won’t let me cut because the sensory overload is too much. He may punch me in my flabby stomach, and swear and wail and sway and moan and spit. He may speak with an alien’s burr and SHOUT. You may stare at him, but his head is perfectly round, and when I hold his face in my hands and he looks at me with his dark eyes I thank god he doesn’t have a stupid head.


Sara Crowley, author of Build Me Up, is (in no particular order) a mum, writer, daughter, bitch, sister, friend, bookseller, and wife. She has had stories published at Pulp.net and a couple of other online places. She has a blog, and appreciates you taking the time to read this.