Play, Love to Struggle, The End

by Prachi Jain

Giggle, gaggle, naughty antics, fun-filled days, sidewalk chalks, pre-school field trips, first word, first self-brushing celebrated by parents, music lessons, soccer fields, tantrums, winner of all negotiations, new bikes, bruised knees, perpetual summer. Pounding heart, free heart, soaring heart, heart glowing, growing by leaps and bounds, days colored, nights peaceful, pink threads in the eyes, spring in the feet, late night parties, belly full of beer, love in the air. Test scores, college search, bye-bye mom and dad, career, family, kids, struggle, fun, struggle, satisfaction, struggle, struggle, struggle. Wrinkles on hands and neck, vision blurred, teeth yellowed, walking cane a must, slow motion champion, discounted tickets, senior's luncheon, assisted living, full of wisdom, devoid of energy, families fading away, doctors getting closer, love to talk, lack of audience. Calculations in the mind as to what was lost to achieve - what? Play, struggle, the end.


Prachi Jain came from a large family and has seen the variety that life has to offer. She is a mom and loves to write.