by Justice

Shhhh... I swear I heard women laughing over... wait there it is again did you hear that? Yes, it sounded like it was coming from that clearing in the trees to the west of us. God I hope it is a hot group of half-naked coeds drinking, and dancing around a campfire. It is just over there... holy Jesus I just got shot in the shoulder, and I can't move run Billy run! I feel like I am going to pass out as I look up to see two deer emerging from their hiding spot with rifles lowered they are closing in. As they stand above me bragging about what a nice shot, my attention is focused on the large writing on the horn shaped objects hanging from their belts... it reads: Human Girl Call, Attract the Dumb Ones.


Justice, author of Communication Breakdown, is an exasperated husband who, after 20 years, is still in love with his wife.