Ally, Alibi

by Chi Sherman

I have met a writer whose work I like better than my own. Distressed, I asked my father what I should do. (He is also a writer and would be, I figured, sympathetic to my woe-is-me plight.) “You met a writer who is better than you?” he asked incredulously. I held the frown on my face, but enjoyed the feeling of my heart beating just a little faster for his well-executed intonation. “Kill them,” he said.


Chi Sherman is an Indianapolis-based writer who has authored and self-published three chapbooks of poetry and creative nonfiction ("amative," "beneath this skin," and "mosaic"), as well as a spoken-word CD, "wild / tendril." Her dreams of creative writing success and stardom are a given. She often fantasizes about owning a three-bedroom house in which the guest room is a pale-yet-deep shade of the lightest blue.