Field Trip to Symi

by Sophia Macris

After lunch Lucy hiked us up the side of the cliff where, at the top, we posed for a tired, squinty picture. Back at the harbor, Nick bought a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses. He liked them. When we had walked off the ferry there was a photographer snapping tourist photos, but we didn’t notice him. On our way back, he had the photos up for sale, and there was one of Nick and me that I should have bought. We look like celebrities - I’m wearing white pants, a pink t-shirt, and a big white hat and sunglasses, and he’s wearing jeans and one of his tight thrift-store rock star t-shirts and we’re both turning away from the camera, walking together, looking like we belong.


Sophia Macris, whose last piece was Untitled, is currently reading Stendhal, drinking Bianco, and staring at a picture postcard of Marlon Brando.