You Were a Champion in Her Eyes

by Don Pizarro

Her first IM to me wasn't "Hey KidCharlemagne1977, check out my webcam," it was "Cn I stop to stare at your technicolor motorhome?" I looked up her profile, gawked at her pic and typed, "Anytime you want, hon." I know I should've walked away when I read Class of '07, but reading on, we just had way too much in common. She was into Steely Dan, read Calvino, and loved a good smoked cheddar. Three hours and a few exchanged pics later, she told me she felt a real connection. I responded the only way that felt right...


Don Pizarro, driver of Bargains, categorically denies that this six is based on anything that ever happened in his own life (so you can just put that thought out of your head right now)! His writing has appeared online at McSweeney's, American Nerd, and Byzarium.