Night Passage

by Daniel S. Irwin

The sun bore down in the desert heat as I shuffled in my flip-flops along the Sonora Desert highway. Just last night, I was making the night passage cruising toward the California line. Nestled in a cooler full of ice, chilled tequila and Coors kept me in a laid-back, mellow mood. Opportunity to help pass the time on the road with a little pleasant conversation presented itself in the form of a stranded traveler banging upon the hood of my mo-chine at a crossroad above Nogales. I didn't expect my being robbed of my booze any more than I did the car jacking. That's the last time I pick up a rider in the middle of the night who's holding a bloody machette in one hand and a recently severed head in the other.


Daniel S. Irwin is an artist/writer working as a medic in a maximum security prison ('cause you gotta get cash money somewhere and everybody gotsta eat... then there're those creditors... drat!). His work has been published (and rejected) around the world (and burned in public in some places).