Illusions of Victory

by Chris Tripoulas

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a Marine. This is the first time this has ever happened in the history of the U.S. The Marines are part of and answer to the Navy. Now they are telling the Navy, Army and Air Force what to do. The last time this happened in recent memory was in Nazi Germany when the S. S., Hitler's body guards, were given preference over the military (the U.S. Marines call themselves "The President's Own") and we know what happened to Nazi Germany. When a leader trusts his body guards more than his commanders during a time of war, it means that he is not interested in what the professionals have to say, but will only adhere to his own vision, which may not be grounded in reality, as his commanders - who are doing their duty - will most likely point out.


Chris Tripoulas received an MFA from Columbia University in Film and has written several spec screenplays as well as directed documentaries, training films and public service announcements.