Mr. Agitprop

by Nathan Tyree

On the street I saw Mr Agitprop: the rumpled grey suit and wide brimmed fedora were only set dressing; his eyes told the story. Those pupils screamed out about addiction and loss and poverty; they told you everything you would ever need to know about sorrow. One look at them and you knew that he would finish up in the lobby of a cheap downtown hotel with a few bullet holes through his rumpled vest. Dressed like this, he had been having a decade long argument with Descartes, insisting that his cogito didn't equal that particular ergo sum. Never mind that, though; killing is a peculiar intellectual process; it is a hyper powerful form of satire that can only be fully appreciated by a few like Mr. Agitprop, who gets it. Or, at least he will.


Nathan Tyree's work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Flesh and Blood, Doorknobs and Body Paint, The Flash, Bare Bone, Dogmatika, Wretched and Violent, and The Empty Page: Stories Inspired by the Songs of Sonic Youth. He's also the author of Spade, and helps edit Magazine of the Dead.