Somewhere Else

by Dorothee Lang

I will go, he announced in the month after his seventh birthday, I will go and live somewhere else. His mother helped him pack his yellow suitcase, added a pullover, an extra pair of socks and his favourite book. Then she went to the door, to kiss him goodbye and to make sure he took the right way – don’t turn left, she said. He stared at her, at the house he was leaving, and at the building five houses down the street where his grandmother lived: the place he had planned to go, but that was out of reach now. So this is goodbye, he said to his mother, then - following her orders even after deserting his home – turned right and kept walking until he reached the end of the street. Now where to go, he pondered, and standing there at the crossing, ignored by the world, he decided that he might just as well pick another kind of day to go and live somewhere else.


Dorothee Lang, author of Masala Moments, loves words, bytes and maps. She grows roses at the side of a carpark and collects moments in oil on copper.