The Little Terrier

by Uffar Bleen

I was standing patiently at the bus stop one day, when a small terrier sauntered towards me before cocking its leg and urinating all over my trousers. I am accustomed to receiving abuse from folk in the town, on account of my molten-faced appearance and disgraceful body odour, but to have a dog ridicule me in this fashion was a little too much to bear. Fortunately an opportune moment presented itself for me to exact immediate revenge. The bus I had been waiting for was approaching and after casting a quick glance around, I booted the little dog under its front wheels. When I recall, as I frequently do, the yelping noise the dog made as the wheels of the bus squeezed the last bit of air out of its body, I feel a certain amount of regret, and not only because of the delay the "accident" caused to my journey. I wonder if perhaps the dog wasn’t ridiculing me at all, but merely marking its territory.


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