Leaf Encounter

by JY Saville

Sue looked up from selecting carrots and glanced round the greengrocer's, smiling at a good-looking man in his thirties. She began to move along to the potatoes but the man had got there before her; flustered, she stepped back and collided with a pile of red cabbages. As they picked up cabbages together, Anthony took the opportunity to check out the items in the attractive older woman’s basket but it looked like school lunch-box fodder: she was obviously just smiling to be polite. Sue looked over the contents of the man's basket on the ground beside her: asparagus, aubergine, celery. She looked at him again more closely; he was probably gay. She straightened up, thanked him and he smiled warmly at her as they passed by to continue their shopping.


JY Saville writes mainly short fiction, mainly in the genre loosely termed speculative, but more mainstream work has appeared at PicFic, Short, Fast and Deadly and Every Day Fiction. She blogs here.