Rescue at Sea

by Bill Taylor

After seven days adrift in the Gulf Stream, Dean was aroused by the sound of a distant engine. He knew he should be excited as the Coast Guard helicopter hovered into position above his rubber raft. Hungry, badly sunburned, and severely dehydrated; Dean was driven by thoughts of his wife and son as he pulled himself into the wire basket. Ascending into the hovering craft, the pain of his near death experience was soon overcome by happy thoughts of home and family. Safely inside the rescue chopper his emotions took over as he burst into tears. “Welcome home sir!” yelled the Coast Guardsman over the roar of the engine, “welcome home!”


Bill Taylor of Durham, NC is a safety consultant and part time writer who served in the U.S. Coast Guard. He's written textbook chapters, training manuals, magazine articles, and comedy for broadcast and stand-up.