The Contents of the Box

by Victor Lembrey

At the bottom of the Atlantic, not far from where Titanic rests, sits a coffin-sized box that's been there since the beginning of time. The contents of the box are currently known by 25 people, but there was a time - many many years ago - when everyone on Earth knew what was inside. In 2010, the contents of the box were known by 26 people; in 1810, by 226, and in 1310, by 726. Every year, two people in the know die of natural causes, and every year, one new person is carefully chosen, and told what's inside. Twenty-five years from now - in 2036 - just one person will remain who knows the contents of the box. It will be up to that person to either reveal the secret, or die with it.


Victor Lembrey wonders if he'll be that person.