The Last Minute

by R.S. Bohn

Although I shower daily and forego moisturizer, there are spots on my chest. I decide I cannot wear the plum dress on Friday, due to its plunging neckline. I am distraught – I had planned on wearing this dress for weeks, its hue and cut and texture and neckline, especially its neckline, all designed to show me to best advantage. I curse the devil for giving me cleavage acne and choose, last minute, to wear a burgundy shantung silk sheath, though shantung is ten years out of fashion and I am fifteen years older than he and I feel time gripping me and yanking me through the bottleneck, towards Hades and oblivion. But when I step onto the famed parquet of the Queensbury, a familiar voice whispers into my ear from behind, “You have the most elegant shoulders I have ever seen,” and I am pulled back up by a finger trailing from left to right. Oblivion can wait; we sway all that long, warm spring evening, perfectly in sync.


R.S. Bohn writes flash fic that is often without flash (and is sometimes not even fiction) in a suburb outside of Detroit. She rambles, reviews and rides solo over here.


Michael Solender said...

I for one would like to see the spots on your chest...tight write her.

R.S. Bohn said...

Women think we must be perfect for you to gaze upon our beauty. But isn't it the truth that you are just happy to see some skin?

This is why I adore men. This and many other reasons. Thanks for reading and commenting, sir.

Payton L. Inkletter said...

You won me completely with the happy and luscious ending, which certainly was also a beginning. Thank you R.S. for a candid short yarn, and by the way, your 'bottleneck' metaphor was great.

R.S. Bohn said...

Thank you so much, Payton L. Inkletter. It is indeed a beginning. :)

Teresa Stenson said...

I love this. I felt that trace.

BaggieAggie said...


Blondhilda said...

The 5th sentence gave me tingles. The flesh flash fiction pleaseth me.

David Barber said...

That was great, Rebecca. Congrats on your 6S debut. Very well done!

Florima Paul said...

Thank you for being there for me to find out here in the etherwebz. I just had to say I appreciate you, and thank you for putting yourself out there. I see you haven't posted in a whilhey jes, i really appreciate the work you do in the world. i love your writing and your photo projects. i have fss, you can check me out and find my contact info @e, so I hope life and love have been kind to you and you are now too busy to post. ^_^ <3
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