by Addley C. Fannin

I climb the stairs to an empty apartment, full of notes from roommates who won’t speak with me; delete messages from family I don’t want to call; trade written words with friends I won’t get to see and worry that, if I don’t say something soon, my voice will leave and I won’t get it back. My cat wanders the carpet, keeping her distance, prowling for cockroaches and crickets where the walls meet the floor. She settles on the armchair and watches me from afar, dark eyes hanging heavy with boredom. She doesn’t want to talk to me either, and if I bother her too much, she will run away. But it’s all right, I treasure my solitude. Really, I do.


Addley C. Fannin is a student, trying to get both feet on the ground and another through the door. Her wonderings, such as they are, can be found here.