One Long Road In

by David Brown

People who drive 1988 Toyota Corollas are highlanders. They drive and sense each other, nod, and soon kill one another. They kill one another for necessary and spare parts or other mechanical matters... this is their quickening. Indiana is the Crossroads of America, so called for so long by so many because of the 1849 Gold Rush to California, and this is when the Vonnegut family made its money in storage facilities which afforded in some way Kurt making me what I love so much. I think it's still called the Crossroads of America because the overall point hasn't changed: You're Supposed to Keep Driving. Dave Clapp drives the little white monster through Indiana's Ohio River Valley that he's kept alive for eight of it's twelve years via manual surgery with batteries, plugs, and several slugs - God knows how many he's killed.


David Brown uses the whole bird. The bones are sent to lobbies for headdresses, flutes, and chimes.


Anonymous said...

I'm mixed on this.

I love the concept of taking Highlanders and turning them into Corolla drivers, and I loved the first three sentences and the last one. Sentences 4 and 5 just confused me, though, especially the reference to Vonnegut. I'm willing to admit, I just missed something, or something went over my head, though.


Anonymous said...

This is splendind madness. I'd like to order a chicken flute too.

Anonymous said...

David, you show great imagination with this piece.

David said...

Oh, this old thing? Thanks Jeanette and all. Some sacrifice was made for the author's bio, but it's something I enjoyed.