Peanut Butter

by Nadia Nizamudin

Our relationship started out as a snack. First date: it was a meal only fit for a homeless person; over the years, we have thickened to the consistency of peanut butter. I am sure, as you do, that the stickiness is only because we trust each other and not despite it. Sometimes we step on the map of cuisine and got a taste of something that is best described as raw, and spicy - hot like my temper (of course, you say, because I am Asian). Our lovemaking is a feast of sweetness, of flaky, ‘I-know-you-so-well’ pastries where we burn calories just as dedicated, coming back again to the peanut butter. Oh yes, we love the peanut butter: at night, in front of the television, feet tucked under pillows, we snack on peanut butter while the city outside goes by in reckless abandon.


Nadia Nizamudin gets her ideas from overhead conversations, during office meetings, and most importantly in her daily one hour train commute to work. She prefers writing short stories as opposed to a whole novel, citing "lack of stamina and focus" to complete one.