Bus Stop Blues

by Astrid Lydia Johannsen

The bus to the Daley Center was running late as it pulled up to the curb. I waited at the bus stop next to a fella leaning against the sign with his head down and looking, well, kinda blue like he’d been waiting there forever. The driver opened the door and said that I could get on, but the “blue-skinned son of a bitch” behind me would have to walk. I stepped back and let the blue fella climb aboard before me, which pissed off the driver something fierce. The driver cursed and pulled away from the curb, knowing he was already running late, as the blue fella sat down at the front of the bus and nodded at me. Hopefully that meant “thanks.”


Astrid Lydia Johannsen lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she plays and shoots photography in the outdoors, and writes and draws pictures in the indoors. Check out her creative morsels here.