Mission Lezbiešu Aborted

by Eric Karl Anderson

In July 2069, the American government decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Armstrong walking on the moon by conducting a rather unusual experiment. Given that Latvia had recently been declared the 96th state in the American Union, it seemed only fitting to allow this formerly-independent country’s most prominent (and eccentric) scientist Vivica Kovach to lead the mission. Ms Kovach was granted total freedom to choose the mission’s purpose and execution by recently re-elected and first openly homosexual president George Bush IV who declared, “Ms Kovach will lead our great country into the 22nd century be radically renegotiating the borders of our imagination.” Vivica took this opportunity to realize her lifelong dream of establishing the first lesbian cat colony on the moon. She gathered all the oppressed felines (both butch and fem) from every corner of the globe and taught them the intricacies of quantum mechanics needed for space travel. Sadly, the experiment began to go wrong when it was discovered that the appointed cat leader of the mission (dubbed “Sappho Felidae”) was in fact a tomcat who wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Eric Karl Anderson, author of the novel Enough, has published work in various publications such as The Ontario Review, Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly, Blithe House Quarterly and the anthologies From Boys to Men and Between Men 2. He lives in London where he edits book reviews for Chroma.