Life is Like...

by Jennifer Haddock

There are certain certainties one should be able to count on in life. The square chocolates in that box of unmarked candy should always be caramels. Whether it's the hard caramel that gets stuck in the back of your teeth or the gooey caramel that oozes out onto your fingers. It should be as expected as marriage and then kids and then putting on a few pounds. And then taking each other for granted and living parallel lives and never really talking about the important things anymore. When you bite into that chocolate, it should not be cherry filling or some other nasty surprise, like opening the door to your bedroom and seeing the rise and fall of your husband’s sweaty ass as he pumps himself into your next-door neighbor.


Jennifer Haddock, whose work is featured in Six Sentences, Volume 1, is a writer, therapist and mother from Baltimore, Maryland.