Distraction with a Capital D

by Roma Diaz

My love of reading was actively encouraged by both parents however I remain convinced that it stems from my Mother's passion for the written word. She devours books in a matter of hours; a feat not quite achieved by myself yet something I aspire to in the future. The intensity of her reading has evolved to such a point where it takes one hell of a distraction to tear her away from a gripping novel and even then you may not get her full attention. Several years ago, my brother was involved in an accident in her car; luckily he escaped injury and was able to drive the dented vehicle home. Upon seeing my younger sibling’s ashen face, my Mother instantly dropped the paperback that she had been buried in and set about establishing whether or not he was physically hurt. Much to her relief, my mother’s fears were quickly placated although then, to the astonishment of her guilt ridden son, she returned to the sofa to finish the story before stepping outside to survey the damage to the car.


Roma Diaz is sure that one day a Six Sentences piece will grow into the mighty oak of a novel she often dreams about writing.