Way Up High

by caccy46

Listening to music often takes to me another place, usually far away. We sat there listening to a jazz twist of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the young woman belonged in a smoke-filled piano bar with the clink of glasses instead of our local community center; but her voice was lovely and rich as I sat with my eyes closed drifting back, back, back to a time long ago when I listened in a darkened theatre to the girl who sang the mournful tune on her farm. I was very young, very impressionable and very frightened of so many things that happened on that huge screen. I never knew a house could fly in circles and take you to a different land of color - that my mother wasn't honest about witches; they really did exist as I watched one shrivel under the house that landed on her. Horses changed hues, and life would never be the same for me. If I could only click my heels, I wished, as the lights switched on at the end of the song; so many things could be different.


caccy46, whose full catalog is here, is a mother of two who's been married for 33 years.