Swinging Low

by Madam Z

Stanley wasn’t satisfied with just one woman, and Sadie didn’t blame him for that, since she wasn’t satisfied with just one man, either. The difference between them was that Sadie would rather indulge her fantasies in secret; while Stanley was always trying to recruit another couple so he and Sadie could both screw someone new, while keeping everything aboveboard. One of the many problems with that approach was that he would select candidate-couples based on his attraction to the female half, without consulting Sadie to see if she was interested in the accompanying male. Another problem was that Stanley had only the most minimal social skills and no subtlety at all, so his attempts to introduce the idea to any of their soon-to-be-former-friends were not only unsuccessful, but also excruciatingly embarrassing. Finally, Sadie took matters into her own cheating hands and had a very private, very passionate affair with a man of her own choosing; who dumped her hard, right after Stanley discovered her one-sided treachery. Stanley divorced Sadie immediately, which was fine with her, since she was then free to be with as many men as she wished, but poor Stanley ended up getting married to the first woman he dated, and that woman made it quite clear that one man was enough for her and one woman sure as hell better be enough for him.


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