All the Floor Space

by Juan Gonzalez

Digna Carpio, 31, the miracle mom, walked in from the small bedroom where her six babies were just falling asleep. Six empty bassinets - lined up in two neat rows - took up all the floor space. She seemed tired and overwhelmed and fought back several yawns in the first interview she's given since the babies came home. "It's not easy to find time for sleeping," she said. The six infants, Joel, Genesis, Jezreel, Justin, Danelia and Jaden, were born in a four-minute span on the morning of Oct. 6th. They are believed to be the first Hispanic sextuplets in U.S. history.


Juan Gonzalez is a columnist for the New York Daily News. His six sentences are excerpted from today's article, "Carpio Family Finally Happy at Home with Sextuplets."