So Many Nights Ago

by Bryan Young

After two years, the sight of the hotel where we said our final goodbye still weighs down my chest with longing and bittersweet memories. Even after so long, I can still feel you pressed against me in bed, taking a deep breath and saying something adorable and unexpected like, “God, I love the way you smell.” How’s that? I’d ask, and you’d say in that angelic voice of yours, “Like you.” I have to work to remember times like that instead of the cold night things ended, bitterly as they did. I cherished every stolen moment with you, and every time I pass that old building downtown I wish I were there with you once more. Despite it all, I hope you made the right choice.


Bryan Young is an award-winning filmmaker, columnist for The Huffington Post, and posts short stories regularly on his short story blog. He also runs Big Shiny Robot!