by Doug McIntire

I’d nearly forgotten, but it was time for me to perform my once-a-week cleaning of the cat litter, just in time for the trash to go out the next morning. It was late and I was tired, almost ready to turn in for the evening. As I searched for my sandals, I realized that they were in none of the usual places, which meant that my stepdaughter probably had made off with them. She was already in bed and I was in no mood to go searching for them, considering the miserable chore before me. But when I turned on the hallway light and opened her bedroom door, I saw her fast asleep, curled up in her blankets, the sandals laid out neatly on the floor by her bed. I smiled and realized that I didn’t really mind her sneaking off with my sandals.


Doug McIntire's stepdaughter is a constant source of material and offers him loads of encouragement to write.