The Carer's Affair

by John Ammirati

The wealthy widower Mr. Jones was fading away in the last stages of Alzheimer's, and was cared for by a 40-something private nurse named Nancy; his family wanted nothing from him but money and had long-since stopped visiting the lonely old Jones house. Mr. Jones had never spoken in front of Nancy, never expressed any opinions about the food she fed him, the baths she gave him, the music she played in the house. Nancy became bored and curious and one day slipped Mr. Jones a Viagra tablet and started massaging his penis to see if that would inspire any sign of life in his vacant eyes. When he became erect, Nancy mounted him and rode away for a couple of minutes, dismounting before she thought he might come. She lied down next to Mr. Jones and masturbated herself to climax, thinking of all the men in her life who abused, belittled, and humiliated her. Looking down at Mr. Jones's pleading erection inspired wild laughter in Nancy, who ended their session by spitting in the old man's face.


John Ammirati lives in Manchester, England and sings for the band Amida.