Alma Mater

by Tom Mahony

I stood on the corner watching the world go by. The biggest piece of crap jalopy I’d ever seen drove past. Rust had claimed most of the roof, black smoke belched from the exhaust pipe, the wheels wobbled as if ready to fall off. The longhair driver had a spacey grin plastered across his face. The license plate frame said: Alumni, San Diego State University. Ah, I reminisced fondly, the old alma mater.


Tom Mahony, whose online home is here, is a biological consultant in central California with an M.S. degree from Humboldt State University. His fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared or is forthcoming in Flashquake, The Rose & Thorn, Pindeldyboz, In Posse Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Verbsap, 34th Parallel, Void Magazine, SFWP, Kurungabaa, The Flask Review, Foliate Oak, Decomp, The Oddville Press, Bewildering Stories, Long Story Short, Flash Forward, Laughter Loaf, and Surfer Magazine. He is currently circulating a couple of novels for publication.


Madam Z said...

Think where he'd be if he hadn't got that degree!

Cat said...

strange what takes us back