A New View

by Hanna McCann

She stared intently at him across the table, sipping his wine. He was so familiar, yet a stranger to her at the same time. Perhaps it was her perception of the person she believed him to be that she loved all these years; only a shadow of the man that he actually was. She watched his familiar hands lift the glass to his lips; lips she had kissed passionately night after night; hands that caressed every inch of her body and knew just how and where to touch her. But then she caught his eyes and was instantly thrown back into the moment, realizing that she never really knew him at all; she never truly allowed him to reveal himself completely to her, or her to him for that matter. Nothing would be the same from that moment forward; their lives were changed forever.


Hanna McCann lives, plays, works and dreams in New York City with her three children and the love of her life.