The New Outdoors

by Arnold Benjamin

I swiftly swiped my key tag; a sure sign to all the doubters that I too belonged. I calmly cruised the floor stalking the machines so prestigiously arranged. A few women looked at me in lust, and then the gentlemen with their disgust. I finally found my victim. I perched my possessions in my usual manic manner, and climbed aboard. I eyed the blank machine with glorious visions of six packs and sexual conquests dancing in my head, and began another battle in the war of distorted values.


Arnold Benjamin is a pseudonym.


J.D. said...

A war I continue to lose.

Joe said...


Linda said...

Loved 'usual manic manner'. Goodluck with your war - my white flag's a-waving! Peace, Linda

Madam Z said...

Onward, six-pack soldier! If the ladies look at you "in lust," who cares about "distorted values?"