Dimension Control

by Crorey Lawton

My name is Jeff, and I am a cat-herder by trade. I know what you're thinking: that cat-herding is an impossibly sexy profession, and only the top wranglers can actually make a living at it. But what you're forgetting is that the work itself is pretty easy, as long as you remember that cat herding is a four-dimensional task. The first dimension you have to control is time: once you know when you want the cats corralled, there is an end to the process. From there, your good cat-herder takes away one dimension at a time until all the cats have but one direction that they can go - not up, not down, not right or left - only forward. But no matter how good a wrangler you are, there is no way to make the cat happy about the process.


Crorey Lawton, whose full catalog is here, builds levees and digs mounds. You can read a journal of his project in Guatemala here.