by Nicolas Sansone

“Brevity,” she said, “has no bearing on the day-to-day,” as she scrawled item after item on our ever-expanding grocery list. “Brevity,” she said, “should be reserved for economizers and those who have fallen on hard times.” I objected. “Capers?” I asked, jabbing a finger at her ludicrous list. “Do we really need capers?” She laughed and told me that they go well with seafood.


Nicolas Sansone is currently a first-year MFA student in Fiction at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and has worked for two years as a wildland firefighter and trail services employee for the US Forest Service. (Click here to make a donation to Nick, half of which will support 6S.)


Joe said...

Excellent six.

Cat said...

very nice!

quin browne said...

a delight!

Madam Z said...

You should remind her that brevity is the soul of wit, which also goes well with seafood.