Apocalypse When?

by Richard Rippon

I stare blankly out of the window, over grey skies and terracotta roof tiles, picturing a range of apocalyptic scenarios. Flesh starved zombies shambling over the horizon; a beautiful mushroom cloud to the east; a city swamping tidal wave rising up above the houses and office blocks. I imagine a terrorist bomb from within; workers blown through the windows, tethered to their PCs by their mouse cords alone, desperately trying to back-up their spreadsheets before they’re vapourised entirely. Anything to break the monotony; anything to announce the arrival of something... meaningful. Suddenly, Scott from HR is by my side, his face ashen with shock. "It’s not good news," he says, "the coffee machine has run out of cups."


Richard Rippon lives in the North East of England. His stuff can be found here.


austere said...

This is reasonably good news.

Paul Brazill said...

ba-dah! Like it.

Linda said...

*Snort* It's these crazy cup things that make life difficult, no? Today at faculty meeting we spent more time worrying over who was going to pay for coffee service with the crummy economy then the news that three students had failed their comps. Priorities... Peace!

Madam Z said...

Thank goodness you had already envisioned the even more ghastly scenarios! I'm sure it made it easier for you to accept the dreaded lack of cups. :-)

Caren said...

". . . desperately trying to back-up their spreadsheets before they’re vapourised entirely."

Good thing I wasn't trying to drink coffee while reading today, or it would've ended up all over my mouse cord. Love this line!