A Girl

by Andy Cerrone

A girl sits on a bench in the Boboli Gardens. She dabbles with art; and art does so with her: she draws and writes, her eyes attached to the statues of Poseidon and Neptune... or is it The Old Man of the Sea himself with Achilles? Regardless, she continues drawing in obtuse and acute angles; she directs her pen mercilessly over each point with warranted beauty and unwarranted softness that cradles the broken jaw-lines into the once strong and smooth structure of seven hundred years ago. She is poised and willing. "Hey, get a picture of me hanging from this statue," and the young man bolsters himself atop the God, awaiting the snap-click-shutter of the digital camera. She takes the camera from the bench, slowly, and aims the lens towards what once was a God but now has reduced itself to nothing more than a limb.


Andy Cerrone is a freelance writer, a graduate of Lesley University with a B.A in English, and an editor. His writing credits include short fiction in Commonthought Literary Magazine and The Houston Literary Review as well as poetry in The Greater Boston's Intercollegiate Poetry Publication, Live Poet Society Publication, Oak Bend Review, The Houston Literary Review, and The Bibliofiles Literary Magazine. He's currently preparing manuscripts for graduate school, and working on his first novel. (Click here to make a donation to Andy, half of which will support 6S.)