I Trust You

by Idriya Morland

She wanted to know what I was up to; I told her I couldn't tell her. Nodding, she told me that she understood and that she wasn't worried. "I trust you," she said. "I know you wouldn't do anything reckless." I thought about that for a long time afterwards, and I decided that those were some of the nicest words anyone could say to me. Last night, I prayed that I could earn the trust that she had for me and that I could somehow learn to have such faith in others again.


Idriya Morland still thinks that the ninjas will ultimately defeat the pirates.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely and encouraging thoughts. Good piece.

Ephraim Steelandt said...

This is exactly what I've been telling you all along. Your writing is some of the most beautifully written pieces of literature I've ever read. Congratulations--You deserve a spot on Six Sentences. Here's to our years of friendship and your continual success!
~Ephraim Steelandt~

Joe said...

Very insightful and written beautifully. Your friend, Ephraim is exactly correct.

David H. said...

Beautiful. Glad I stopped to read.

Madam Z said...

Having others trust you helps you to trust others. You said it beautifully.

a.f.mayo said...

This hit the spot. Thanks.